Lexani Lx-407rf Sportmacro Tires

Summer Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire with Run Flat Technology.


  • Narrow longitudinal central tread
  • Center staggered height on the central tread
  • Sidewall compression properties
  • Scientifically created rubber materials with superior heat resistance
  • Optimized tire bead
  • UTQG: 320 A A
  • 40,000 Mile Limited Mileage Warranty


  • For increased contact surface area resulting in very good cornering capabilities with excellent control on dry surfaces
  • Enhances wet grip while the Internal tread allows for enhanced water dispersion
  • Utilizes the very latest in technology to resist any deformation caused by leaking
  • Provide rigidity for sidewall integrity to maintain vehicle control if air pressure loss is incurred
  • Divides the stress distribution between the tire and rim to avoid unseating due to Run Flat conditions


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