Atturo Trail Blade MTS Tires

Trail Blade Sport Series. Mud-Terrain Sport Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.


  • Unique four-lug tread design with an angled shoulder tread featuring both a horizontal and V-shaped sipe
  • Sidewall tread blades alternate into full integration with the shoulder tread blocks
  • Built-in stone ejectors
  • Shoulder blocks feature feature a special pattern embossed into the side of the tread
  • Heavy-duty 12 ply rated construction, strategically applied for those sizes where the increased load capacity makes the tire suitable for three-quarter and 1-ton trucks


  • Aids in wet traction, especially while turning
  • Creates a serrated edge that greatly improves traction in loose surfaces
  • For enhanced self-cleaning ability
  • Helps distort sound waves created by the large and deep tread


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